Enterprising Entrepreneur

Rex Barr

I am Rex Barr, an enterprising entrepreneur and the creator of a multi-million dollar company with annual revenues of almost 10 million dollars. Starting with just a menial amount of just 3 thousand dollars, the company generated more than 20 million dollars worth of revenue in a period of a year. The total revenue of the company has quickly rocketed up to 80 million dollars since its commencement. The company has hired over a thousand people from Pennsylvania, all of whom reap the benefits and comforts of their real wages from the immense amount of super normal profit generated each month at our prodigious corporation.

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The real wages not only include a lofty salary package but also company benefits like transportation, technology bonuses, free health care including psychological care, paid trips and so much more. The employees are trained in their specific assignments not only to a high standard but also to research a certain level of decorum which has increased the quality and caliber of all of the work carried out in our organization. The quality of neither our work nor our work environment is compromised in any case to ensure a successful business endeavor for not our clients but also for our corporation. These successful triumphs were not reached by being idle, rather many painstaking attempts were made to bring my organization into existence. To reach the level of prowess I currently possess, I have successfully completed my education and training as well as many various certifications and diplomas in the fields of business, health care, finance and marketing as well as real estate from critically acclaimed instructors and trainers in the most well developed institutions. By ensuring for myself a well-rounded and universal education as well as working to keep up with the trends and recent advances in the disciplines, not only do I own a firm grasp on the subjects but I have the expertise, proficiency and knowledge to also label myself an adept specialist in these disciplines.


This area of expertise has allowed me to have an extensive knowledge on things, giving an edge to me in the major attributes along with certain details and the finer facets of my work. Not only have I helped fresh startup businesses on their financial and business development journey but I have also assisted them generate the production of wealth helping some of the companies to produce a weighty and hefty quota of 2 million dollars in revenues and incomes annually.

In order to manage and lead gigantic companies, it is my belief that one needs to have certain ideals or principles which lead not only to getting things executed promptly as well as properly but help in one’s personal growth and self-development as well. The desolate plight of my old grandmother, raising me, struggling to buy a forever home for us has left such a profound impression on me, that I have and will always dedicate and invest many of my efforts on NGOs. The NGO is a philanthropic organization which will help first-time home owners to find and buy a house. Moreover, the current plan is to place 100 new home-owners in a home, where they can live enriched lives. The other NGO shall also help to easily give and confer support and aid to the elderly population within the area, with a special focus on the underprivileged. I have also given two hundred thousand dollars in educational and training incentives as well as donated to programs in many educational institutes. I have also helped and consulted over 10 women led start-up companies and am currently planning to make even further developments in the programs specially designed for the part of the society without opportunities.

My plans for altruistic ventures do not stop here, going into the future subsequently, I shall be planning even more programs and incentives, all of which I am designing and setting up to flawlessly complete to perfection. One of the current goals is to form a consulting firm for startups which will instruct and guide the founders to achieve over 1 million dollars in revenue annually. Supporting preventative health care in vulnerable communities is also on the agenda for the next few years. Furthermore, there will be investment in events, lectures, seminars and workshops to accommodate at least 500 people for the purpose of teaching more about the nuances and advantages of investment and real estate. Each of my endeavors both professional and altruistic have a goal in mind which are designed to not only be of value for the clients who we serve but also the people who are responsible for the success.