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Who We Are

Catan Strategy is a Global Consulting firm specializing in Business Expansion.

Founded by Rex Barr, CSG helps companies in various industries increase their yearly revenue, expand their global reach and operate more efficiently. Catan Strategy Group works with companies in various industries, providing practical solutions that transform business challenges into profitable opportunities. We build custom strategies for clients that generate exceptional results.

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What We Do

We primarily support small and medium-sized businesses, in all stages of operation. CSG assists both for-profit and nonprofit organizations in achieving their goals. We can be your right hand in local and national markets, keeping track of the latest trends in your industry. CSG also carries out extensive market research, helping you acquire new client prospects and stay competitive in the commercial market. Whichever stage your business is currently in, startup, stabilizing or expanding, Catan Strategy group has the resources you need to grow and win.

What Solutions Do We Offer?

Our solutions are designed to support your business at every stage of development. We have a unique focus on all types of Health and Beauty companies, as well as Construction corporations. Our services include, but not limited to:

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Establishing physical location/ digital website
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Compliance Assistance
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Public Relations

Catan Strategy Group uses our bespoke approach to design the best strategies needed to achieve maximum return on your investment. We are a simply a group of smart and innovative enterprising consultants that create smart solutions for hard working businesses like yours.

Cross-Industry Expertise

The Industries we focus on 

Health, Beauty and Self-Care Companies

Companies operating in the health, beauty, and self-care industries have to keep customers happy while balancing marketing, bookkeeping, technology, automation, and compliance. Sometimes, the extra stress of business management forces many business owners to shut up shop. Catan ensures this never happens, optimizing every area of management, promotion, and expansion, while you focus on making your business more profitable and your services stress-free.

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Construction Trades

The construction industry is one of the busiest, as it always faces increased pressure to successfully deliver projects. Against a backdrop of limited resources, near-impossible time schedules, and fixed budgets, construction companies are feeling the heat, but not anymore—not with CSG lending support.Catan Strategy helps all types of contractors by handling marketing, accounting, technology, automation, customer service, license, and compliance issues. CSG assists in every aspect of the construction trade, providing the much-required management and financial guidance that ensures these businesses and their owners remain profitable and successful....



Average Increase in Revenue


Growth in Gross Profit


Businesses that hit the $1 Million valuation mark with CatanSG

Results Focused

Every organization we work with realizes an increase in revenue and a decrease in costs. Our solutions are tailored to grow your business. Being a data driven consultancy, our strategies are centered around clear communication and effective goals with short and long term benchmarks to measure our progress.


We Run As Fast As You're Willing To Run

We are non-judgmental and provide tangible value for each client that commits to a partnership with us.

We operate on a performance basis where our clients realize gain well before we are compensated for our service. If the organization you own, want to start or are managing needs help running  or growing the business we are the right choice.

“Rex has been and invaluable resource, providing a unique approach, support and direction for many of my projects. I believe Rex's strength has been the ability to make complex projects simple, immersing himself into my ways of working and providing solutions that meet both my needs and support the company’s long-term goals. On a personal level, Rex has helped me to challenge my ways of thinking and as a result shaping how I manage my current role while helping me understand which direction I want my company to take. ”

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