Catan Strategy is a business consulting firm that helps ambitious business owners scale and grow their small and medium-sized businesses beyond their expectations through a crystal-clear strategy tailored to their specific needs and in complete alignment with their personal and organizational vision, goals, and objectives.  We provide you with a complete strategic roadmap to scale your business to the next level. You get a literal blueprint to follow with a clearly described direction, a thoroughly elaborate decision-making policy, and precisely identified key performance indicators (KPIs). From planning to execution to then monitoring the growth and closing in on your business goals, we provide you with handholding support each step of the way.

Meet the leader

Catan Strategy Group was initiated by Rex Barr Jr., a visionary businessman, and entrepreneur equipped with a river of knowledge, battled-tested in the field of business growth, and the person responsible for creating serval a multimillion-dollar company from a mere three (3) thousand dollars invested. With a veteran-class experience in the line of business growth and consulting, Rex has found a new passion for philanthropic endeavors, which is evident from his recent involvement with NGOs, from his donations to educational institutes, and consultations for women-led businesses. Rex believes in sharing his success with the community and spreading positivity through profitable results for business owners.

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Why choose CSG

Maintaining a business is a tricky trade on its own. Staying efficient and managing your day-to-day while still being sustainable in a cut-throat business environment is not an easy task to achieve. You need to be careful because any decision you make can suddenly go sideways and in no time, the tables can turn, and just like that, you can go from feast to famine.

You need an experienced and solid squad that specializes in business expansion and knows the ins and outs of sustainable business growth. This is exactly where CSG comes in. We bring our years of experience in the business industry, and our knowledge from helping several businesses like yours to expand, scale, and grow their businesses beyond their wildest expectations to help you craft a clear, concise, and fool-proof business strategy that hits all your revenue goals with
100% efficiency.

Request for a consultation today and let us take your business to new heights.