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Revenue Generation Services

Generating sustainable revenue is always a challenge to any company. As such, Catan Strategy Group helps clients create different streams of revenue as well as expand business operations strategically. By evaluating a company’s current revenue streams, we can identify potential for growth and work towards more viable streams of income. We then take a step further to optimize the company’s short term gains, by increasing long term income while building a loyal client base.

Therefore, Catan Strategy Group ensures maximum benefits for companies under our care by compiling research, analyzing


roadmaps to success, and providing full implementation strategy. While our competitors focus only on marketing, we provide a bespoke approach to revenue generation which leads to longer lasting and more efficient bottom line for all our clients.

Service Recognition Research Program

SRRP helps showcase the uniqueness of your company, and more importantly, its products and services. Too many times, budding startups find that their best work is never featured on platforms that can expand their business. Situations like these therefore tuck industry leaders behind the curtains, leaving their products or services unrecognized by large companies. Sure, customers may leave nice reviews on the company’s website; however, with such positive feedbacks being in one place, the effort hardly translates to sustainable sales.

This is where we come in. At Catan Strategy Group, our Service Recognition Research Program (SRRP) solves the problem of non-recognition, pulling good business closer towards industry leaders. As such, SRRP was created to help organizations get the recognition they deserve by enabling them earn awards that match their unique qualities.

To achieve this, Catan Strategy Group reviews and analyzes clients’ best attributes and services. Using the information collated, we then create an entire organic campaign that connects our clients with customers who actively need their products or services. This extensive reach makes SRRP super effective, as it can get the achievements of an organization highlighted on local or national publications.

Executive Coaching

Holding an executive position in a firm can be difficult and exhausting. As such, Catan Service Group provides exquisite, executive coaching services that ease the activities of founders or principal executives. We help executive leaders focus on other aspects of business, while we restructure and optimize the organization’s operations for a more efficient, profit-oriented results.

Therefore, Catan Strategy Groups’ Executive Coaching Service is an all-hands-on-deck partnership that allows top executives achieve successful management while reducing the burden of implementing plans and policies that grow the business.

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Analysing data
Data analytics

Want to have an edge over the competitors, data analytics is the solution. In fact, in the world of business, the use of timely information has always been a time-tested practice. As a result, Catan Strategy provides clients with real-time information about industries, customers and trends that can effectively produce outsized returns. With the expert use of informative analysis, we help clients improve business operations, expand reach to global customers, drive up sales, increase profits, and—most importantly—reduce expenses.

Catan Strategy Group achieves these results by utilizing top-notch methods and state-of-the-art tools that effectively improve current operation. We strive to establish data analytics as the base for expansion, providing a clear picture for success that helps our clients get ahead of the competition.

Public Relations

Every company requires a unique brand identity to present to the public. Whether through print, television, digital channels, or media platforms, organizations must have a well-planned public relations strategy and an organized messaging framework. Catan Strategy Group creates and defines positive narratives into terms, phrases or statements that accurately convey the clients’ priorities, be it an individual or organization.

At Catan Strategy Group, we understand that public attention is earned. As such, we provide adequate resources and diverse experiences that ensure our clients are held in high esteem by the public

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Accounting Services

The financial aspect of operations determines if a company will have enough resources to efficiently carry out the project and measure profit, expenditure, and potential losses. A company that fails to implement effective accounting strategies will find it hard to track income and expenditure.

Catan Strategy Group assists companies who struggle with the accounting process to strategize, brainstorm and implement good accounting practices that will fast-track growth, putting them in a
promising position to reach out to investors, get contracts, grants and maximize tax efficiencies.

Our accounting practices are also vital in decision making, creating a budget and mapping out future projections, serving as a yardstick to better understand the company's current financial situation, and allowing our clients to adjust and allocate budget properly.

Compliance Assistance

There are rules and regulations that determine the mode of operations and the method by which activities should be undertaken in any industry or field. Some of these rules require getting a license, operating only in specific locations, security detailing, and keeping up with laws might become too daunting. Companies that fail to follow mandated regulatory compliance policies may be forced to face repercussions, pay fines and penalties that might damage their reputation.

At Catan Strategy Group, our job is to make things easier for our clients. We help businesses meet compliance standards, obtain legal licenses and help them stay in compliance with stipulated guidelines without being intrusive, disrupting the daily flow of activities, or detouring laid down goals and objectives.


We help our clients stay up to date with legal and business compliance standards, avoid unwanted violations and maintain a good reputation with their customers and stakeholders.

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Establishing a Physical Location or Digital Branding

To foster stable and long-term relationships with customers, clients, and potential shareholders, a company needs to have a physical location and or establish a solid online presence.

Our experts at Catan Strategy Group are on the ground to assist our clients in choosing their first physical location, considering important  actors like target demographics, accessibility, local competition, proximity to other businesses, and services that they offer.

We also employ digital branding tools to build captivating websites, targeted ads, search engine optimization (SEO), traffic generation, media production, personified content production, and more. The goal is to improve our client’s brand image, recognition, induce customer loyalty and increase sales.